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  • Chemical cleaning

    I am considering setting up a chemical stripping tank and I'm looking for input. The tank I'm envisioning must be large enough to handle motorcycle frames, rims or lawn furniture. Ideally the stripper would work on both steel and aluminum. As always health and disposal is a consideration. We presently clean with either a burn off oven, a pressure pot set up or a wheel blast machine. Just keep running into products that don?t like our cleaning equipment. We have contacted some chemical suppliers but everyone says how great their product is and how the others do not work. I need help seeing through all the smoke. My questions are as follows:

    ?Is anyone using a reasonably manageable chemical stripping system for both steel and aluminum?
    ?Who?s product should we consider using to remove both powder and paint?
    ?Does a tank setup require skimming, contaminant removal, filtering or agitation?
    ?When a part is removed from the tank will neutralizing, rinsing or pressure washing be required?
    ?What about residual stripper that my end up trapped inside a part even after washing? Will oven drying the part dissipate it?
    ?Is there a product that can be regenerated or just added to reducing disposal expense?

    Any input is welcome. Thank you

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    Re: Chemical cleaning

    Good post... as I am looking to get the same thing set up. Not quite as large of a scale as what you are, but I still have the same questions.

    I look forward to seeing what comes of this.