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Newbie question -- powder coating, non-electrostatic

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  • Newbie question -- powder coating, non-electrostatic

    I am interested in finding out if powder-coating could be a solution to a finishing problem that I am having. I have never done any powder coating so I a complete novice.

    I am trying to refinish a watch dial (from a wristwatch). So this is a very small part, and I need a very clean, smooth finish.

    The problem is that there are raised hour markers on the dial, and these cannot be removed. But I don't want them painted (I only want the flat part of the dial to be painted). I could try to mask the raised markers and then paint the dial, but that will be hard because they are so small.

    So one thought I had would be to dust the surface of the dial with powder-coating powder. If I kept the dial completely level, I could (maybe) make sure that none of it got onto the raised markers, and that it only sits on the dial surface. Then I could bake it.

    Will this work? My guess is that I would have to be very careful not to shake the dial as it is going in the oven, etc. But theoretically can it work?

    Also, can I do this in my kitchen oven (for such a small part) or will that cause damage or a big stink? I don't want the wife mad at me over this.

    Thanks for any guidance you can suggest.

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    Re: Newbie question -- powder coating, non-electrostatic

    if I where to do it
    it would have to be a solid color ( single stage)
    a 2 coat color would be to thick ( candies)

    a hobby gun might work but I would use a high end gun at 80-100Kv to get very thin even coat
    and then clean the raised letters with a hobby knife or something
    then cure
    it would work, it might get you a few tries but it would work.

    if you are refering to just dust the surface with no gun it will not work ,
    cuz you will not get an even coat and the powder will not stick to the surface


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      Re: Newbie question -- powder coating, non-electrostatic

      Yes taping it off could be done. It wouldn't be that hard/bad to do.


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        Re: Newbie question -- powder coating, non-electrostatic

        I'd be concerned with the thickness of the dial face and getting it up to temp. The high heat might distort the piece, and how are the raised bars attached?.. would heat effect them?
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