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Silver Vein Issues

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  • warchild
    Re: Silver Vein Issues

    Try heating it at a lower temp. I have used this powder befor and never had a problem with it, but I did have a problem with the Black Wrinkle for a lone time till I cured it at a lower temp. Try 8-10deg lower then what your doing it at but then you mite want to leave it it a lttle longer too like 8min I would think.

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  • robsrod
    started a topic Silver Vein Issues

    Silver Vein Issues

    I have been having problems with getting the Silver Vein Look to come out even. I have tried to make sure the coating is applied evenly, but still can't get a consistant pattern to the final product. Any suggestions? I have cleaned prepped as best I can but still get the same results! Anyone else experience these problems?