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    I am using the Hot Coat powder gun. I would like to get a cup for each of the "standard" colors. I was wondering what everyone is using for cups and where they are purchasing them.

    Yes, I know this is a competitors gun, but I purchased this gun many years ago and was unaware of this site.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Gun Cups

    OPTION #1 : I'd day sell it and buy a Caswell gun and extra cups. I use a nordson sure coat setup so I'm of no help sorry.

    OPTION #2 : ok for a real answer if you plan to stick with your HC gun goto their website and buy bottles.

    but I'd say take option # 1

    :I'm not affiliated with caswell inc. not a sales man,emplyee etc. but figure if your just a hobbiest and a hobby gun will do you why not buy a caswell gun you can get tons of info on the message boards here:


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      Re: Gun Cups

      They sell empty cups/jars where you got your gun from. I bought a bunch for my setup.