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Powder Coating Porcelain

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  • Powder Coating Porcelain

    Has anybody Powder Coated any porcelain. I been requested to do some kitchen oven doors. I did a stripper test and it didn't phase the coating so I'm guessing that it is porcelain (it is out of a 1970's house).

    My thoughts were to treat it like it was a pre powder coated piece (make sure I can get a good ground, wipe it down, and shoot it).

    Any info would be helpful.


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    Re: Powder Coating Porcelain

    That's a pretty slick surface, I think scuffing it down would help the powder to adhere. Other than that.. I don't see why it wouldn't work.


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      Re: Powder Coating Porcelain

      i shot some old porcelain covered gas pump doors a few weeks back. i didnt have good luck with a smooth finish but shot it in the blaster on low pressure with aluminum oxide (moving fast so as not to remove). then clean warm up to around 150 degrees and shoot color then full cure. it worked great.
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        Re: Powder Coating Porcelain

        Thanks for the info.

        After talking with a few people I've decided that the oven doors could have been painted with Imron. Since this is a sprayed on liquid paint, can I paint over it without having side effects. Anybody have any experience painting over Imron.