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    I'm looking into getting a powder coating machine and have a few questions. I plan on getting a cheaper gun, maybe from this site or harbor freight. What size compressor do i need? I was looking at a Campbell Hausfeld one that is just 1 gallon for around 60 bucks. Will that work? I plan on doing mostly steel parts, do i need to get a blast cabinet? Does everyone on here who does powder coating have one?

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    Re: Air Compressor

    first off welcome to the forum bro. when outfitting for powder it is like most jobs the more you spend on quality the better it will work and the longer it will last as for compressors this is ever so true. the compressor is the one piece that you will rely on the most. it should be the biggest that you can afford. biggest meaning not only in tank size but especially the free air cfm. go for the most you can get. that way you will not be 2-3 months down the road and needing a bigger one. it is the one piece that is not easy to upgrade in the future due to cost outlay in the beginning and then upgrade cost later. look at the blast cabinet you plan on getting and try to size the cfm on the compressor at least 30% more in free air cfm than the blaster needs. this will give more than you will ever need to powder, and you wont be burning the compressor out in a few months trying to blast with one that is to small. hope this helps.
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      Re: Air Compressor

      I have a hobby gun and use a 3/4 hp comp. Yea its fine for coating you only need 10 to 20 psi. I have a 20lb sand blaster but with no air your just wasting your time and sand . I chem. stripe then if needed I blast out the welds and stuff. But my buddy just gave me his old 3hp 30gal tank comp I'm hooking it up now should make the blasting a little better. Spend about $150.00 or so at Harbor Freight and you may be happy for now. The bigger the comp. the better.