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    ok fellows powder coater one time for all i want know
    some people told me it was done before whit good results
    friday i gonna have to pc smoke chrome over chrome on a muffler (vance and hine, is it the good spelling dohh)) and the protector part over the exhaust pipe
    the protector part d ont touch the exhaust pipe so i guess no problemo but for the muffler im not sure
    youre knowledge welcome

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    Re: expert info

    i have not tried it but would say no it wont work on the pipes. as for the slipon mufflers maybe but not the head pipes. as for the heat shields it should be ok. on my harley it gets hot enough to melt anything that touches the headpipe so i would say it is above 400 degrees and the regular powder would not hold up.
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      Re: expert info

      I can garante it won't work
      I tried many times it will bubble up and peel off
      in fact high temp powder is the only one that I have had good results with and not for a long time
      normal temp on a harley bike is 600-700 riding it's higger
      only ceramic coat will work
      I've done heat covers with no problems


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        Re: expert info

        Has anyone tried coating the inside of a header with ceramic for the thermal barrier and regular powder on the outside? Still may not work... just a thought.


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          Re: expert info

          i did the job yesterday
          i did the heat shield protector black smoke and the muffler whit black velvet high temp
          the customer was very happy whit the look that give.
          for the head pipe ,i did not pc it we decide to leave it chrome
          thank for the infos you saved me a lot of problems


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            Re: expert info

            the customer came back yesterday whit the pipe
            the pc on the heat protector was completely burn and peel off the pipe and the muffler bottom part look like it was muffler
            the people at the bike shop did not leave an air gap between the pipe and the heat shield ? for the muffler i guess shooting right over chrome was not a good idea
            the customer was in a good mood believe me
            so i sandblasted all the parts and sand it whit 180 grit sand paper and shoot it high temp flat black asking him to make sure to leave an air gap between the part and build a custom protector for the bottom of the slip on
            something like this ever happened to you, what you think gonna happen next


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              Re: expert info

              sorry for the mistake about (the pipe and the muffler bottom part look like it was muffler ) a real nobel price doooh
              what i mean the bottom part of the muffler looked like it was sandblasted
              sorry if i scaped some of youre brain cell,it happen when you translate french to english ,eating and thinking at the next job at the same time