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  • Newb~Starting Out

    First post but ive been looking around quite a bit.

    I have been thinking about starting my own home powdercoating setup for a bit now.

    I have a few questions i guess mostly just some conformation on what i want to do, and if it will give me good results.

    First, i will be using a conventional electric oven.

    *1* is there a good way to hook up a vent hose to vent the fumes away from the oven to the outdoors?

    I will be building my own spray booth using some examples from here. Ill use a fan and filter method.

    *2* How do i make sure i have a good ground in my spray box?

    For sandblasting i have not made up my mind. I guess i could build my own box and such but this is the part i have been having the most trouble with.

    What is a good setup for sandblasting. I will mostly be doing small items, but possibly as large as a wheels? Also, what sandblaster should i get such as the gun and then what material?

    Overall i need mostly sandblasting help.



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    Re: Newb~Starting Out

    I might be able to help.
    1. The fumes from the oven really aren't that bad. I just put a box fan in the window for ventilation. Most ovens vent under the right rear burner.

    2. You want to make sure all the parts have a good ground. When using my spray booth i hang the parts with wire and hook the ground up to that wire.

    3. I just purchased a sandblaster from Harbor Freigh I paid $200 It could fit maybe a 15" wheel It was cheaper to buy then make from plywood. I have been using coal slag for the media. It works well.
    good luck


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      Re: Newb~Starting Out

      how about and air compressor? what size should i look at an cfm?

      26gal at 6.5cfm sound good?

      i dont want to wait for the compressor a lot


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        Re: Newb~Starting Out

        if you are looking at a floor standing blast cabinet that compressor will be a let down i can assure you. when looking for compressors look first at the cfm @90 psi. this is the way most are rated. if it give free air rating @ 90psi that is even better. you need to know the cfm draw of the cabinet. most are in the 15 cfm range. that said if you can find a affordable compressor that will give you at least 20 cfm @ 90 you will be ok. with that you should not have to wait for it to catch up to keep blasting. also it will make up for the pressure and volume loss for the at least 2 water trap/ filters you will want to put on it.
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