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Low temp powders?

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  • Low temp powders?

    Why do we not see more places with low temp powders for sale? Is there some draw back to them or are they just as good? Plus is there only a few low temp colors out in the world?

    I would like to by low temp powders and save a few bucks on the monthly electric bill and plus be able to hit up items that need to be cured at lower temps so that it will not hurt the item.

    Just wondering...

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    Re: Low temp powders?

    from my understanding there is limited color choices and the formulation of the low temp powders make the more expensive. also they are still kinda new so the powder makers are working with big coaters on large scale to come out with new colors.
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      Re: Low temp powders?

      I have use some low temp powders
      but I don't see any advatages , it's the same as normal powder
      drawback I can see are
      1 low powder cures at 250 deg , I would be great if it worked for plastics or fiberglass but at 250 it won't ,so that leaves you mostly with metals wich can handle normal cure temps anyway
      2 not to many choices of colors
      3 more expencive

      I belive UV cure powder would be a better choice in some future


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        Re: Low temp powders?

        Thank you for the info guys.