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  • Gun Barrel question

    I was wondering if you had to use a high temp. powder to do gun barrels or could you use the normal powders? Would it depend on if it was a single shot or an automatic gun?

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    Re: Gun Barrel question

    yes it matters. i have done a few single shot .22 calibers bolt actions in flat black with good results. the only thing to worry about it powder buildup on moving parts. it can cause a jam and possible a catastrophic failure. i would not recommend doing it on anything but exterior surfaces on any gun(not in the action area). also if you have to do any disassembly to powder them i would not do it. if you are not a licensed gunsmith you are asking for a ton of liability.
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      Re: Gun Barrel question

      I'd have the owner of the firearm do the disassembly, and have that person tell you where powder shouldnt be...and then mask accordingly.
      DO keep powder out of the action areas.
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        Re: Gun Barrel question

        i just completed a single shot 45 in flat black. it turned out amazing. and since it's a single shot, the barrel will not over heat the powder due to rapid fire. on something like that, i'd say use a high temp powder.
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