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Cleaning up your mess!

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  • Cleaning up your mess!

    We were taking some movie shots of our new powder gun, and we draped some plastic sheet on a wall and the floor, to keep it clean and to provide us with a white background.

    Lo and behold, all the overspray stuck to the plastic sheet. We wiped it down with our Microfiber cloths. These cloths hold an amazing amount of powder. Almost every particle was picked up.

    I thought you guys would like to use these for cleaning parts, powder guns and work areas.

    You might even try lining your powder spraying area with plastic sheet.

    Worked for us!
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    Re: Cleaning up your mess!

    OK Mike,
    I'll bite... new gun You've been holding out on me


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      Re: Cleaning up your mess!

      I lined my old booth with plastic sheets. I wasted the walls down with the hose to clean it.