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Thank you Caswell!

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  • Thank you Caswell!

    Just wanted to say that I for one am a satisfied customer. I had a small problem with my equipment and the people at Caswell handled it wonderfully. It is nice to know that in a society of poor customer service Caswell still followes the old school way of pleasing the customer. They have made a customer for life with me. Anyone looking and comparing products can not go wrong with Caswell. They excel at customer satisfaction and follow-up tech help. Once again thank you.

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    Re: Thank you Caswell!

    Good job Caswell!!! Keep the customers happy, and you'll keep the customers coming!

    As speedyshark said, this is the day and age of greedy people/companies who, driven by "instant gratification", are out there to make the quick $ and not care about anyone else. The fact that Caswell makes the effort (and a big one it is) to operate these forums, shows that they care about us, the customer/consumer. With business ethics that Caswell employs, it's no wonder why I just spent $448.12 for a gun, powder, and other supplies. And i'll have NO hesitation whatsoever to spend another $450 on Caswell's site!!!
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