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buffing/polishing powdercoat

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  • buffing/polishing powdercoat

    Hi, Im kinda new at all this but was wondering if someone would give me an idea on how and what to use to buff powdercoat?


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    Re: buffing/polishing powdercoat

    Yeah! I'd like to know too!
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      Re: buffing/polishing powdercoat

      Ive wetsanded and buffed some black with 3M products just like paint.

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        Re: buffing/polishing powdercoat

        No need to buff the powder coat. Powder bake ship to client, done. Only time you would wet sand was if you had to recoat due to thin powder layer.

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          Re: buffing/polishing powdercoat

          thin or to much orange peel. or if you want a mirror like reflection.

          I do Tons of fenders,tanks for a local chopper shop and they like to wetsand and buff everything even if its fine.


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            Re: buffing/polishing powdercoat

            Thanks for the info that was posted I have been powdercoating for about a year and I have never had a call to buff the coating but I have had some people ask.

            Thanks again.