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  • Brass Powder

    I just found this site!

    I was looking for plating options, but holy ****! You guys are building your own ovens too!

    I just started powder coating a month ago. I have a toaster oven, I had a crappy old electric oven, but the glass door cracked and I threw it out! ****, I could of pilfered a bunch of parts from it.

    I just finished my daughters bike! I cured it in the BBQ grill! No joke!

    Anyway, the reason for my post is that I have a plating issue with Brass. My customers want Brass, but my vendor is no longer supplyiing the parts in brass. Chrome only!

    The plating shops wont do small parts like mine unless I have a quantity of a gazzilion.

    Is there a powder that will give me a Brass like result?

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    Re: Brass Powder

    You cured a motorcycle frame on a BBQ
    ThAnKs, Si


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      Re: Brass Powder

      There's one I haven't heard! ROFL Did it come out ok? (still laughing)
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        Re: Brass Powder

        Originally posted by sigibbons
        You cured a motorcycle frame on a BBQ
        A small bicycle frame. BMX type of bike.

        I bent up some 1/4 threaded rod to make a stand that stuck through the fork tube, seat post, and crank case, and blasted it with powder. I lined the BBQ (propane) with tin foil and poked a few pin holes through it and pre-heated it.

        The frame came out great, except that I missed a few nooks and crannies with the powder. Also, it was difficult to maintain a temperature. It was constantly climbing or dropping and I could never dial it in.