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Masking threads and such

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  • Masking threads and such

    What would you recommend to mask of threads such as on an intake manifold? Also, what could be used to fill in pits in parts that are going to be powder coated?

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    masking and plugging

    When I coat manifolds I first mask all the gasket surfaces with a high temp tape designed for powder coating available at any number of places.
    The remaining holes are plugged with high temp plugs which are also available from several companies. These plugs are tapered so they fit a wide variety of hole sizes and they can be trimmed if need be.
    The plugs are also reusable. After baking and cooling, unmask the surfaces and you will probably find some areas where the powder flowed under the tape while it was in the oven. To have a crisp powder line on the edge work from the edge towards the center of the gasket flange.Be careful not to round the edge. I use 2 inch scotchbrite pads in a die grinder and the results have pleased all my customers thus far.