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Stickey triger

This is a sticky topic.
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    Re: Stickey triger

    I just got my oven together and took my gun (Caswell) out of the box. I got the gun in the mail earlier this week. I applied the recommended PSI and it worked for about 2 seconds. I ended up taking the whole thing (gun) apart and thoroughly cleaning. It looks like the OEM lube turns gummy/crusty and clogs things and makes all the moving parts move like ass (I have pics of the crusty/gummy parts).
    I agree with the 30-40PSI recommendation. 10-15PSI will not operate my gun sufficiently. I also used petroleum/Vaseline in very light amounts for my lube. The stickiness is from the O-rings binding on there respective shafts. In my case both the trigger and the fine PSI adjuster were very sticky. The seat and valve on my fine adjuster were both full of crusty nasty gunk right out of the box. Stronger return springs (trigger and fine PSI), clean up all the burrs/crust/gummy OEM lube (thread sealant maybe?), and it works ok....
    Caswell should re-think there supplier, or re-design the gun and get a new vendor. It is obvious that at least the gun portion is an off the shelf lowest bidder type item.... I paid over $200 for this thing and I had to disassemble, clean, inspect, lube, and re-assemble before I can even think about using it, WTF?
    This is my first PC gun so what do I know.


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      Re: Stickey triger

      I had this problem tonight. I have the caswell gun with the variable kv's. I found that a spring from an ink pen fits inside of the oem spring. With both springs it added just the right amount of tension I thought. Its cheap and worked awesome for me. Hope this helps someone. Jason


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        Re: Stickey triger

        I have the cheap gun... so I dunno if it is the one you guys are referring to, but my trigger started to get sticky and I thought I was in for major surgery, but I just shot the trigger with a quick blast of "brake cleaner" and it freed the trigger right up after pulling it a couple of times. I have sprayed 4 or 5 times since then and it is still real nice.

        sorry if that was a tip given before, but I did not see it in a quick scan,


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          Re: Stickey triger

          I had this same issue. I have both guns (hobby and adjustable) the gun is the same on both units, I tried the cleaning methods after disassembly and that helped, the stiffer spring deal sounds like something worth trying.


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            Re: Stickey triger

            My Caswell gun just started sticking after about 4 or 5 batches. I thought it was too much air pressure until I read this thread. Thanks guys.

            Once over dust, Twice over rust. ~USN


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              Re: Stickey triger

              i had the sticky problem too, and a previous poster was right: there's this weird dried crust on the valve parts which you can scrape off with a fingernail. Anyway, with a touch of oil it all works. The problem is the valve itself isn't switching on or off correctly. Our shop seems to have lost the manual. I was wondering if anyone could post a picture of the exploded valve assembly. I don't get it as I'm sure it went together the same way it came out, but evidently not....




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                Re: Stickey triger

                I hadn't read this thread before.
                I don't care how old this thread is, I'm going to comment anyway!
                I got my HV Caswell gun late last year. Pretty quickly the trigger stuck. (The problem is still there!)
                I pulled it apart and cleaned it several times, each time using more o-ring lube until the problem went away (hopefully permanently).

                As I hadn't read this, I didn't know that it was even possible to run the gun at a higher air pressure. As a result, I can tell you that if you clean up inside the trigger, and work a fairly hefty amount of rubber grease into the assembly, you can get the trigger wotking well with <10psi air pressure!

                I'm going to test it with higher pressure next time, as this should make it work better.


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                  Wow.....I can't believe they STILL have a problem with these triggers. I've recently purchased one of the multi KV units...and the trigger was sticky when I pulled it out of the box. Hoped it would go away, or get better once used. NOPE, just as bad if not worse. I've removed and cleaned the trigger assembly a few times. Didn't help. Contacted told to remove and clean trigger...told them I had done it a few times but was still sticky. They told me to pack it up and ship it to them. They said they would fix it, and told me that they would test it before returning. the gun back and it's exactly the way it was when I sent it to them. The trigger STILL sticks....contacted Caswell again....and was told to try loosening the screw on the trigger...maybe it was to tight. Tried it, and air leaked out..tightened until air stopped ...the trigger is still sticky. Said he could send me another trigger assembly....but I can't imagine it'll be any better than this one. And after reading ALL these compaints about the sticky trigger FOR YEARS....I wish I had read these before spending my money on this Caswell gun (((
                  IF the new trigger assembly comes and fixes the problem....I'll come back here and tell EVERYONE.

                  Bill....not a happy powder coater ((


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                    I had the same problem, although I managed to fix it by replacing the rubber o-ring as this wasn't flexible enough causing the 'sticky' trigger effect.

                    You can get them fairly cheap at most places! I found them here