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What all do I need?

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  • What all do I need?

    is EVERYTHING that i need included in this kit?
    do i need to buy an air compressor seperately? and how much would the air comprosser cost and where can i buy a pretty basic cheap one from? how do i prepare the metal that i will be powdercoating? (ill be powdercoating stainless steel) OH and how much outpt psi would i need for the compressor and what cfm? sorry about all these questions, im new to all of this
    Paintballer who is looking to anodize and powder coat

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    You need a compressor that outputs between 10-15 psi. It should have an air pressure regulator and should output clean, dry air.

    You should ensure that parts are free of grease. Most commercial degreasers will suffice. You could also use our SP Cleaner.

    Try Sears, Home Depot etc. or for good compressors.
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    • #3 is a good place to start. They have a basic powder coating oven around $400.00. Better to go with this then using your home oven. I use Acetone to clean the parts really good before I powder coat it. You can find Acetone at Wal-mart dirt cheap..

      Hope this helps..

      360 Air Intakez


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        getting started

        You need the kit, an oven of your choice or heat lamps if you so desire and an air compressor. Then get the colors you want and start in on scraps of metal. Acetone is nasty stuff. Soapy water works well with a clean rinse works well, if you need more then clean with alcohol, it's cheap and won't be as nasty to work with. None of this pretreats for rust on steel or promotes adhesion. There are many types of cleaners/pretreaters on the market that are affordable and friendly to the evironment.