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Types of material that can be powder coated.

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  • Types of material that can be powder coated.

    What all can you powder coat? Can you coat aluminum and pot metal, and are they as easy to do as other metals (steel, etc.)? I'm just starting out and was wondering what the limitations were in types of metal that could be coated. I'm especially interested in coating a portion of the tail lights on an old Camaro.

    Also, can you powder coat a translucent color over the top of chrome items, such as valve covers or is it too smooth to keep the powder from sticking? Thanks.

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    You can coat anything that can handle the oven temperature, which basicly includes all of the basic metal types. Stainless steel in certain grades will not carry a charge though and takes some special doing to coat. Aluminum coats very nicely just wash very well and prebake to eliminate outgassing. Pot metal similar.

    I powder over chrome on a regular basis and it adheres well if its clean.
    Translucents look different over chrome, try a scrap peice first and see if it is the color you are trying to get.