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can concrete be powder coated?

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  • can concrete be powder coated?

    I am looking to powder coat concrete, can this be done?

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    Why? What are you trying to acheive?


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      I am trying to put a food grade coating on concrete that will take temperatures at boiling or slightly above.


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        I have yet to see concrete powder coated, but hey why not. However, my concern is with the temps you are looking at. Water boils at 212F and with things mixed in, that may be raised slightly. But the heat applied to the concrete to acheive boiling point will be much higher. If the outside is coated and heat is applied the powder will not hold up to flame temps and most elements will burn powder if you use electric. I suggest you go with a liquid coating, but you need to contact manufacturers directly for the exact specs. There are high temp powders on the market but I haven't seen one sold as food grade yet and most can't go above 900 to 1000F.


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          Try POR15. That can take temperatures in excess of 400degrees.


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            Re: can concrete be powder coated?

            Originally posted by jmsandlin
            I am looking to powder coat concrete, can this be done?
            Did you try it ? Please post results if you did

            I would think it would be falling off in big pieces the second time you heated it up or
            Did you know that it is possible to use every gram of powder if you recycle when coating, and vapors are almost none !
            In a wet paint approx. 80-90 % evaporates into the air. Causing stress on the enviroment !
            1 kg. of powder can cover approx. 10-12 m3
            1 litre. of wet paint covers approx. 2-3 m3


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              I never thought of powder coating concrete, but if it works might be interesting possibilities if you could get the powders cheap enough and could bake it somehow.

              Sealing basement walls? Swimming pools? Those large cement birdbaths?

              Baking would be a problem, but I wonder if it would hold up better than paint for concrete?