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Acetone Cleaning?

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  • Acetone Cleaning?

    when cleaning with acetone do you spray and wipe with a cloth or rag, or spray and just let it eveporate?

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    Re: Acetone Cleaning?

    I have been buying the 1lb box of lint free rags at Menards to wipe with.


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      Re: Acetone Cleaning?

      wipe 'em & as said use lint free cloths.
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        Re: Acetone Cleaning?

        I've seen allot said on this, from wiping with a rag soaked in Acetone to spraying it. Those who do it a certain way like that way, but seems allot of ways.

        One thing I think about is if you spray a part to disolve oils or grease, then when the spray dries where does the oils and grease go?? I would wipe down the part while wet myself!
        The thing is acetone evaporates off the parts but oils don't evaporate so they have to still be there somewhere I think, maybe ran down to the lowest corner, perhaps dripped off, perhaps not, depending how wet sprayed.
        Wiping with a clean dry lint free rag while the part is wet should wipe off the oils etc.. then the acetone left behind should evaporate.

        I think I like wiping with a wet acetone rag better than spraying so far myself, but I'm still new also. With the old fancy paint jobs I felt the same way though, wipe with a wet prepsol rag and a dry clean rag, I did not trust just spraying a solvent and letting it evaporate then either! Ols wax on old paint would disolve with the prep, but if the prep evaporated the wax was still on the car, I feel the same about oils on metal.


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          Re: Acetone Cleaning?

          Usually I use enough acetone to Flush the contaminants off the part.
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