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Turning apparatus for PC items

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  • Turning apparatus for PC items

    New to powder coating an need to fab a turning device to hang parts on while powder coating. Seems to me that it would need a swivel or somthing to attach the ground. Also when the cure is complete and you find that you have some thin spots, can you respray the thin spots and cure once again and have decent results without any other prep. work?

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    Re: Turning apparatus for PC items

    Caswell sells swivel hooks!! as well as many others out there like these folks>>>>>> to your second question, sometimes but not ususally.
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    Tyler Nutter
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      Re: Turning apparatus for PC items

      Nuttyman, I went and shot another coat over the cured powder, and cured it. Like they saying "nothing ventured, nothing gained" , anyway the results were OK, maybe not perfect but when its your own ,I was well satisfied! Also I had some small spots deeply hidden behind other componets that required some touch-up. What I did was to heat up the metal, load a small paint brush with powder, stick the brush down near the bare area, and tap the brush and let gravity deposit the powder. Far out, it worked. Thanks, Fred
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