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  • Toxic?

    Is the powder coat toxic, or is the powder some kind of medical grade or fda grade powder?

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    specific question

    All things are toxic in high enough consentration. Are you referring to it before or after cure? Or perhaps you meant the curing fumes? Different powders have different uses. Yes there are FDA approved powders but the approval is on the finished coating after cure. The powders in uncured form can be disposed of in the garbage or recycled and resprayed. Reusing powder for the hobbiest is not realistic due to dirt mainly. As for fumes most ovens on the market for home coating vent back into the room with very little odor. Hope this helps.


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      Just as information, in Europe they have decided to mark powder coatings with TGIC hardener, with a death skull and TOXIC written under it. The new systems of powder coatings today uses hardeners like PRIMID or PT-910, which is not so agressiv as the TGIC. Some producers still produce powders with TGIC because it has been proven that it is more durable and has a higher orange peel level. (coating thickness) It has also proven to be more scratch resistant. So you can say that even though it is more aggressiv its by far the best way to harden the powder coating.
      Did you know that it is possible to use every gram of powder if you recycle when coating, and vapors are almost none !
      In a wet paint approx. 80-90 % evaporates into the air. Causing stress on the enviroment !
      1 kg. of powder can cover approx. 10-12 m3
      1 litre. of wet paint covers approx. 2-3 m3