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  • apply a second coat

    my first question is can you sand the powdercoat with 1000 or 1500 and then polish to get a better finish and can you apply another coat after curing is complete in other words can you make the powder coat thicker.
    just statrting to work with this stuff and I would like some advice from other users THANKS.

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    Powder can be sanded to remove big defects. It can have a second coat applied. Smooth finishes are easy with powder but It's not like paint as far as wet sanding and buffing. Play around with it and see what you get with the equipment that you have. For a super smooth glass like finish you may need to get a powder that is ground finer. Surface finish is directly related to particle size and cure schedule.Try lowering the cure temp and curing for a longer time to keep the powder in it's liquid form longer.


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      Can the powder be "ground" to even smaller particles? I mean, can the end user ground the powder himself? Or does it have to be made that way from the factory?


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        It has to come that way from the factory, you can't grind it finer yourself. Look for powders with 80%, 90% or even 100%+ gloss ratings. There are "mirror" finish powders available too. Then, like Dale said, you can reduce curing temp a little and let it cure a little longer. Practice on a couple pieces of scrap first, then when you get the effect you want, coat the "good stuff". It's not too hard to get good results.