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Satin Black Ceramic partial cure?

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  • Satin Black Ceramic partial cure?

    OK, Another Satin Black Ceramic Q. Was reading the label and it says Partial cure 1/2 Hr @ 450 Full cure 750 1 hr
    Now, what are the drawbacks to partial cure? My little oven is burried in 3ft of snow. Its what I usually do ceramics in. My large oven will go 475/500. Doubt it will get to 750 tho. Would HD pipes be ok with partial Cure? Will they cure with engine running? Bike wont be run for another 3-4 months.
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    Re: Satin Black Ceramic partial cure?

    On a headers for a car i would say that you can partially cure it and let it cure fully on the car, but the thing with bikeheaders is that they dont get very hot at the end of the pipes, so you would get a satin finnish close to the head, but more and more shiny at the end if they arent fully cured when assembling. If not cured fully they tend to be more half matte than the real satin look.
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