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Powder coating vs anodising?

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  • Powder coating vs anodising?

    Hello all, new member here.

    I'm thinking of getting into making telescope parts and have been studying which method would be better to use on 6061-T6 aluminum, powder coat or anodising.

    With anodising, the surface would be stronger and resist scratches from roller bearings and more resistant to weather, ie- due, sun, normal wear n tear. I plan on dyeing the aluminum as well so anodising seems the logical choise.

    However, powder coating seems quicker and easier to use as far as materials go. Would powder coating hold up to weather and scratching as well as anodising does?

    Thanks for your help and thank you for a great forum!

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    With the powder coat, you are talking about building up a surface finish in excess of 4 mils. Are you sure the telescopes can handle the tolerances?


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      Hello marsfrogie,

      That's a good point. Hadn't thought of paint buildup. That would definately be a problem as the tolerances have to be pretty tight, within .001 - .005".

      After doing more research, I think anodising is the better choise because there is no buildup of paint as you mentioned. Actually, anodising would produce the hard, scratch free surface needed for long wear and be weather tolerant. You agree?

      I have another question. Is battery acid the same as electrolyte? I bought some electrolyte once to go in a battery that was low and assume they are the same thing. You can buy the battery acid at local autoparts stores correct?

      One more question please. I'm going to build a shop in the neighborhood of 16 x 16' sq and house all my tools plus anodising equip in there together. Would that size building be big enough. In other words, do you know if the tank baths, charger and other stuff takes up much room?

      I've thought of building a 20 x20' shop to make sure I could house everything and still move around good.

      Appreciate any help and advice.


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        Electrolyte is the same as battery acid. Yes you can buy it an an auto parts store.

        Draw up some plans and leave lots of room for bringing in parts of all different sizes.
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          Ask Caswell. I know virtually nothing about the anodizing specifics. I just started playing around with powder coat a short while ago.