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Wrinkle Black question?

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  • Wrinkle Black question?

    I am new to powder coating and I am powder coating my lower forks on my nighttrain. The one fork turned out good the first try the second fork on th other hand not so good. I keep getting a shiny wrinkle instead of the dull,rough texture look. I have tried longer cure,less cure,more powder and less powder. I have always cured at 400 degrees. I have also did the preheating the part. Anyone have any ideas on what to try to fix it?

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    Re: Wrinkle Black question?

    Wrinkle is hard with a Cup gun. I spray Black wrinkle mainly, have gone through 200Lbs so far this year. If its glossy looking, its Light on powder. Mix the Powder well first before adding into your cup, it will help distrobute the two types of powder in it.
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      Re: Wrinkle Black question?

      I will do that before the next coating but first I am stripping it back down to bare aluminum and going to start all over. I will keep you informed of my progress.


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        Re: Wrinkle Black question?

        All textured powders are sensitive to the right thickness, if no texture, to thin a layer...
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