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Extreme Chrome without clear

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  • Extreme Chrome without clear

    Here is what happens to extreme chrome without clear. I had this intake on my car for 9 months. The spots and discolor is from oil and or anti-freeze spray on it...regular water would leave a chalky residue on it even. I want to redo it. Could I just heat it up and then spray it with EW Single Step chrome? None of it is peeling so I know it is adhered very well.

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    Re: Extreme Chrome without clear

    They should be stripped back down so you have a good base..
    EW "single stage" will yield the same results... IMO


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      Re: Extreme Chrome without clear

      Chrome is pretty interesting in that when you do the first coat you can practically wipe off the "chrome" with your finger. From my experience , if anything comes out half decent the first time around "god willing" a light coat of clear can only protect the base coat chrome or any other powder coating color I would guess.
      Experiment, maybe power wash all the grease and you can and give it a light hand sand to knock loose the potential failure spots then clean it again and shoot the chrome. As long as it has some tooth and is relatively flat you could work around stripping it. Take care


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        Re: Extreme Chrome without clear

        the best way I have found to shoot chromes is over a gloss black base & always clear them.
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          Re: Extreme Chrome without clear

          I think I need to clarify all those spots are not oil on it or anything else.. it is the discoloration of the powder. The upper intake is clean but notice all the discoloration spots.
          I've changed my mind I am going to shoot it Matte Black...forget the chrome.