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  • Chameleon style

    Is there any way to do a "chameleon" or "aurora" style paint job with powder coating? I would like it to do like this

    But since that is spray paint I would think it isn't very permanent.

    Could I paint using that product and get a clear coat of powder coating on it?

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    I'm a newbie too, so someone correct me if I'm wrong. You can't powder coat over paint because the baking/curing temperature of 400 degrees would remove many kinds of paint. There are some very cool metallic color powders, metal flake type additives, and even a prismatic type additive (I think) available that can give you similar effects. You can also do multiple layers of powder coating that can give some trick color effects. I haven't actually done any of these (YET!). I'm learning to get single color powder coating smooth and perfect. So far I'm happy with the results. I'll graduate to bigger and better effects soon.


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      try i got a catalog frum them that offer what we call "flip flop "paint.its $14.99 per 1/2 once but you use it as an addtive.1/2 powder treats 1 pound of powder with a ratio of 40:1.iam [email protected] add me on messenger.