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Powder Coating Pitted Pot Metal

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  • Powder Coating Pitted Pot Metal

    What type of filler would be used to fill pits in pot metal after sand blasting? Bondo is for low-temp applications. Would Epoxy do? I bought some chrome and clear colors and im re-chroming many parts on my car with powder. Do I have to pre-bake before spraying?

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    I have earlier used som "repair putty" after sandblasting some years ago. Can`t remember what the brand was but I will look into it tomorrow at work, to se if I can find something out. Only thing I can remember that it was ordered from UK and that it worked well.
    Did you know that it is possible to use every gram of powder if you recycle when coating, and vapors are almost none !
    In a wet paint approx. 80-90 % evaporates into the air. Causing stress on the enviroment !
    1 kg. of powder can cover approx. 10-12 m3
    1 litre. of wet paint covers approx. 2-3 m3