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Will a wheel fit?

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  • Will a wheel fit?

    Does anyone know if a 16" steel wheel will fit in a kitchen oven (for the purpose of powder coating it)?

    I got a quote of $240.00 for PC all 4 wheels. For that money, I can get the starter kit, a second hand oven, do the wheels, and then be able to PC anything else I want, essentially for FREE!

    If the wheenls won't fit the oven, what are my options? A lamp is much more costly and seems more difficult to use.

    Thanks for the help!


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    will a wheel fit?

    I don't think it will. i tryed to do that befor. i could not get it to fit in to good and keept rubbing the powder off. an kitchen oven is to small to work with for things like rims. if you want to do a lot of powder coating maybe you should build your own oven. it dont cost much if you know what to do. sorry i cant tell you how to build it. im trying to build one now. i have not built it yet. but i got every thing i need and i have not even got $50. in it. but if you want to get a lamp Caswell has to best price i have seen on a powder coating lamps.


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      Thanks Warchild.

      That is what I was afraid of. The price of the smallest lamp is not excessive, but it doubles the cost of the set up, making it more difficult to get my money out of it.




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        If you can find a pretty old electric stove with working oven, many of them were much bigger than the average ones sold today. May be hard to find one though.

        Back in the late 70's there were many of them! You could pretty much bake your turkey and ham at the same time in those ovens whereas in todays ovens your lucky if a large turkey fits!
        I think the whole stove was around 50" some might have been larger.

        Just thought I would mention those BIG old ones in case you see one for sale.