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  • Black Satin header coat Q's

    OK, Im confused a little on the TL1012 Black Satin Header Coating

    I bought some before, and I could have swore it said full cure 750/1hr But looking on Caswell, it says no bake?
    Black Satin (BHK)

    * Black Satin is the most advanced exhaust system coating available
    * Withstands 2000f temperatures
    * Easy to apply ceramic reinforced coating designed for high temperature applications
    * Reduces underhood temperatures, reduces exhaust manifold surface temperatures
    * Improve exhaust gas velocity, increase H.P.
    * Air drying, requires no baking
    * Coverage: See above

    Do I need to bake? The thing is, my powder oven can reach 500. I have a little oven that needs a little repair, but will go 750. I am about to do a few sets of Skidoo exhaust pipes here soon. I can fit them all in my powder oven for a 1 shot baking, the 750 oven, its one at a time. Do I need to full bake them? The pipes will get hot when sled's are run. I can tell customers that they will be soft untill 1 hr of run time, thats no problem.

    Just wnat others experience first
    Thx in advance
    Dan Pesonen
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    Re: Black Satin header coat Q's

    We bake all things coated with BHK, the main reason to do a full cure is to get a uniform matte finish on the pipes, and to make them more durable to handle. In a few cases we have just applied the coating and shipped after airdrying, since our owen can handle systems too long . It will cure once on the car/bike etc. but in thoose cases, since the temp further away is cooler, the finish goes fron matte to almost blank on the pipes.

    So airdrying is ok, but the coating wont be as tough as it should before a full cure. In some cases curing while driving works great, in some cases it dont.

    I think the instructions differ from "retail" package to "shop only". Guess most folks dont have an owen at home to do a full cure...
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