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Newbie: A few Questions

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  • Newbie: A few Questions

    1. I would like to do one part in two colors. Can I bake one and then bake the other without damaging the first?
    2. Are all colors Infrared curable?
    2. Do I need to keep the temperature high with infrared or can I just keep the light on it and let the light do the work?
    3. If I do a large object with infrared can I just keep moving my lamp or do I risk 'overcuring' by doing this?
    4. What is the curing time for infrared

    Any/all help is appreciated.

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    1. Yes. This is a property of Thermoset powder coatings. All our powders are Thermoset.

    Thermoset powders chemically set up and cross link at their cure temperatures. Once cured, they do not soften upon reheating. Second coats can be applied only after the first coat has been sanded to give the second coat a rough surface to bond with. Usually a single coat ranges from 2 to 5 mil. Examples of thermoset powders are epoxy, epoxy-polyester hybrid, TGIC polyester, and polyurethane. Applications for thermoset powders are corrosion resistance, dielectric properties, reflectivity, and weatherability.

    2. Yes.

    3. Yes, just move the lamp.

    4. See the lamp page at and
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