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Equipment paint or powdercoat?

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  • Equipment paint or powdercoat?

    Another strange question by me

    Which would be the most durable finish for heavy equipment? Powdercoat or equipment paint?

    A friend has and older dozer and we were talking about chrome plating some dress up items like headlight grills/shields that are now just painted, also controll arms and such.
    He was interested in having some parts powdercoated for durrablity instead of just painted.

    Heavy equipment paint would be as durable or more so than powder coating and much easier to applie right?

    This dozer will be used for light work but he wants it to look as good as posible since it's an older unit. He's not really enterested in restoring it, just making it look neat.


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    I think Powder is going to outlast and be more durable the Equipment paint. but will take a while to put on. may not be worth the time to put powder on if he's going to use the Dozer for anything. powder will get marks on it from working the Dozer but will not come off like Equipment paint. We have a 1994 Inloader here that we been painting and the paint came off easy. i been removeing powder from some bike parts i did wrong and it's the hardist stuff i ever had to remove.