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Oven Or IR lamps

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  • Oven Or IR lamps

    My question is, I am looking to build a 4'x4'x5' oven and the price tag around $1500, or should I go with a 3 Lamp IR setup.

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    I figured someone else would reply, but since no one did, here's my $.02. Dollar amounts being equal, I would opt for the oven unless you're planning to coat items larger than would fit in the oven. The oven is just easier because the temperature is more consistant and easier to set. Just put the items in the oven and set the timer. You have to move the IR lamps around your project and monitor it with a handheld IR thermometer for proper temperature. Good luck!



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      go for the oven

      If you desire quality and consistancy go for the oven every time. If size is your major concern then go for the lamps. For a 4'x4'x5' oven your goal of 1500 is very easy to acheive as long as you buy carefully. To save alot go with thinner sheet metal and brace it on the insulated side.Over kill on the metal will only waste money and absorb heat, overkill on the insulation only makes the oven more efficient.


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        Thanks for the info. I was going with oven, but the size and power that is needed is the problem. Just not sure about the lamps, I have read mixed reviews. have a few motocycle frames to do and in a short time to do them. Thank you folks for the info.