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    OK guys, I have a streetrod (38 Chev Coup ), I have Sanderson headers on it which are like cast iron manifolds and starting to look crapy, can I sandblast them and Powder Coat them with the chrome powder coat powder or do I have to use a special powder. Thanks for any replies

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    I would not recommend it. Conventional powder will not handle temps any where near that high.I have tried several brands and none of them have survived above 1000 degrees for very long.Most failed at around 600 to 700 degrees.You could have them chromed with real chrome plating which will probably turn blue. Run your car for an average drive and then park it and place a thermometer on the maniflod very close to the head where it's hottest. Then judge for yourself.


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      You may want to take a look at the offerings of Techline Coatings:

      J. Scott Moncrief
      Manager-Engineering, R&D
      Livingstone Coating Corporation


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        Automotive headers are coated with a special ceramic mixture, not a traditional powder coating. Jet Hot is one brand name. Sanderson uses a different company, and I can't remember the name right now. Ceramic coated Sanderson headers are guaranteed for life against rust. Send them back, and have them re-coated for free. Mine are just starting to rust between the pipes at the collector. Maybe next year I'll send them back for a re-coat. The ceramic coated headers are also coated inside and outside the pipes. Supposedly they transfer heat away from the engine better than conventional steel or chrome plated pipes, but I haven't noticed any difference, so it must be very subtile. Good luck!