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    Does anyone have/are selling step by step instructions on how to build a smaller size oven lets say 4x4x4 or so... For someone like my self who knows nothing about ovens/ but are very mechanicaly inclined this may be benificial...

    Also mabey a complete materials list for this project... I know there is alot of info here just hoping to avoid looking at 30 different threads to accomplish the project... Thanks from the NOOB

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    Re: Blue Prints

    the info's all here. plus seeing how lots of people have done it has it's benefits. sure it's a pain to look through it all, but in the end you'll have a very good idea of how to build yours. everyone does different stuff with different end purposes in mind. and often people work around constraints in their shop, like limited juice, etc. some overbuild, some build super-cheap out of salvaged parts.
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      Re: Blue Prints

      Ditto. I don't think anybody really has Blue Prints for their oven. Maybe something sketched on paper, but you really need to just allocate some reading time for that subject and ask questions for things you don't quite follow or understand. There is plenty of help here and it is given willingly. Also check out the first Sticky in this forum. It contains info and links to the items to help with your build.

      Welcome to oven building.
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