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Torpedo heater powder coat oven

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  • Torpedo heater powder coat oven

    I may be interested in trying to build one using a torpedo heater as a source of heat.The wiring is awful confusing to me. 1. does the torpedo heater actually go in the oven or does one make a duct for it to enter? 2. If it is ducted in how would one control the temperature?I know you can buy thermostats for torpedo heaters, but if they are external this would not work(I suppose)..3..If the thermostat was ran directly into the oven it would have to be hooked up somewhere inline to the electrical cord on the heater, so wouldn't the 400 degrees melt it? I have torpedo heaters already, but none with thermostats, but easily enough to get one..I would assume that you could not put the heater in the actual oven due to the explosiveness of the powder in a confined space...Any help or links would be appreciated..

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    Re: Torpedo heater powder coat oven

    Here, go to this thread:

    Before you even read the first post there, go down to #7 to see the pic of the Torpedo hooked into the oven, THEN go back up to the top and read ALL of the posts in this thread! He's already done the hard work for you, just size your oven for what you want to cure and follow his lead!

    Before you even ask, yes: the gas valve is turned on and off by the controller, and yes: the ignition is electronic- everyone that reads this thread seems to ask that and he explains it in the first couple of postings... I think he even shows a pic of it later or in a different thread- search his posts if it's not on this thread (I have read 11 pages so far, they are all starting to run together for me now... LOL)

    Hope this helps,
    C. Ray


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      That link won't come up for me. Any suggestions


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        Try this: