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Yet another Oven Building question.

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  • Yet another Oven Building question.

    This is specifically to Dale since i know he has built one before. How did you go about building your door for your oven? I am going to be building mine soon and i have a good idea of how i will be making it, it's just the door that has be baffled. What kind and where did you get a seal for it etc? Do you have any pics of your ovens by any chance? If anyone could help i'd appreciate it.

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    Okay where to start? My doors are aluminum channel frame with tempered glass in them and high temp rubber seals.You can use rope seals from a wood stove parts supplier.You can contact industrial oven manufacturers and purchase seals from them.Most will sell the parts.Your online so search for oven sites and pick them for the types of seals installed on their ovens.One thing that will help is don't forget resturant supply companies they are usually cheaper than industrial supply places.After all an oven is an oven regardless of where it's used.