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    Hell there all, I am in the middle of building a 4'x4'x6' oven and I am wondering what should I use for a fan to push the heat around? Do I use just a metal fan blade on a metal shaft to a motor outside or use a fan puller and pluu the heat out, then back into the oven? Please help thanks.

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    Don't over complicate things. The sole purpose of the fan is mearly to circulate air to prevent hot spots in the oven. You can pull the air out and then put it back in again but why do the extra fabrication. Simply place a metal fan in side the oven and run the shatf out through to a motor. If you can set it up so that to shaft in the oven isn't the motor shaft. The shaft will heat up and creap the heat into the motor. Heat + motor = shorter life. Also turn the fan slow, you don't want a tornado test chamber.


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      Thanks Dale, Great info as always. I was just looking into pulley and a belt. What cfm's should I be looking for? I see that most of the Company made ovens run around 2100 cfm. Also Dale, what do you use for heating elements? Thanks Dale.


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        My oven has two fans that I can vary the speed on from approx 200cfm to 800cfm each depending on the rpm I set it to. I found the correct size and shape elements for my oven in a NU-VU bakery oven then took the make model and serial number and ordered replacement parts.They are very similar to a household oven element just higher wattage and longer length.


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          Oven elements

          Hello Dale, just wanted to know what size is the oven your using with the Nu-Vu elements. What volts & watts are you running into them? I was going to use household oven elements, but they seem a little small for the oven size. The sidewalls are roughly 45? deep and the element is only 18? wide. I was planning on using 6 elements in the unit. Just wanted some more info from you Dale. Thank once more.



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            My oven is approx. 48inches wide, 30 inches deep, and 60 inches high.
            Don't confuse physical size with heating ability. Stick to the wattage ratings for size. Mine are wired 220V. Probably 4 elements will work in your oven depending on WxLxH


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              oven size

              Oven size 40 wide, 45 deep, 72 high. What do you think Dale, 4 or 6 elements? The elements that I was looking at are 2200 watts each at 220v.


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                4 elements sound okay and at 2200 each, you may even be able to get away with 2.


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                  Thanks Dale

                  Thanks once more Dale, You sure helped with the bugs in my plan.