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Insulation confusion

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  • Insulation confusion

    I am looking for insulation for my oven
    I was thinking of getting this Roxul AFB

    however there is also is
    Allied Building Products: Batt Insulation - ROXUL MINERAL WOOL SAFB

    is the one from allied the correct one and the one i should be using?

    if not can someone help me out?


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    Re: Insulation confusion

    The acoustical batts are not the correct material for insulation as they are more dense. Read thru the Roxul site explaining this:

    Create a Quiet Home with Safe

    Here's the excerpt:

    It's Not Thermal Insulation
    Roxul Safe'n'Sound is designed specifically for one purpose – soundproofing. It is not intended for thermal applications like insulating exterior walls or attics. Why? The higher density that makes it an excellent sound barrier actually compromises its ability to prevent heat loss. So if you're objective is energy savings, choose Roxul ComfortBatt?. For a quiet home, Roxul Safe'n'Sound is the right choice.


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      Re: Insulation confusion

      I just bought some of this insulation from Allied Building and here is what they sold me. IIG: Industrial Insulation Group, LLC - MinWool-1200® Flexible Batt (iig406)