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  • Universal oven thermostat

    Hi again. I'm having issues getting my oven up to temperature. I've purchased two 16amp, 240 volt, 50*c - 300*c universal oven controllers. The oven controllers didn't come with wiring diagrams. I wired me the oven controllers in and my oven is struggling to heat up beyond 150* Fahrenheit.

    If someone has a wiring diagram or know what I've done incorrectly, please let me know.


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    The picture you posted is minuscule. Too tiny to see anything. As for heat up times you need to post more information. What size is your oven and what is the wattage of the elements? You mention 2 controllers, do you mean pid's? The controller has little to do with the heat up times as the controller just enables the relay/elements. Please explain your set-up in more detail.


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      Thanks for replying. I took an old convection oven and gutted everything except what I needed. When I ran the oven with the original components, in my home made oven, I was able to get the oven elements red hot. The issue I was having with the original equipment was wiring the oven so that both elements would come on at the same time. I found these universal oven thermostats online and wired them in, removing all the original stuff. Except now as I mentioned in my original post, my oven doesn't get to operating temperature anymore. I must have wired something incorrectly and I'm looking for a little help. I was unable to find the wattage of the elements, but as I mentioned the original thermostat was able to get them red hot.


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        There was no wiring diagram that came with the universal oven thermostat and as you can see in the above pictures theres one connection that isn't hooked up to anything. When I used my volt meter it would seem to me that the bare connection doesn't do anything. But since Im unable to get the oven up to operating temperature, Im suspicious Ive done something wrong.

        Thanks for the help.


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          These photo's are still too small to see much, especially the last one. If I understand correctly the thermostat you're referring to is just that, a line voltage thermostat to control the temperature. If you can't get the elements red hot I'm guessing one of two things are wrong. Either the line voltage thermostats aren't working correctly or you are not getting 230-240VAC to the elements.

          List your location as voltage varies from country to country. In the US you could be seeing 120 or 240VAC. Many countries only have 230V or so available. Without that information it's impossible to even guess.


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            This is as big as I can post the photos. I appreciate the help. I have wired the one side directly to the common and hot side through the thermostat. Any idea what that unconnected terminal is for?

            As for your other responses, I have it wired into a regular household oven outlet and yes its 240v. And before installing these new thermostates I was able to heat up my oven in about 45 min. on a single element. The issue was I wanted to run both elements at the same time and the thermostat was shot on the old oven because it would not switch off at 400*f. So I thought that this thermostat would do the trick.

            So I'll try and draw out the back of the thermostat.

            terminal 2 1


            this is what the small pic. shows [P] [2] [1] So when I used my volt meter, with the temp knob turned up. I had continuity through "P" and "1" Nothing with "2"
            | | | So common is wired to the element and hot through "P" out through "1" and down to the element.
            | | So what's "2" for?
            AC 250 V 16 A


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              I figured it out. Thanks for the help.