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rewiring a 220 wall oven

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  • rewiring a 220 wall oven

    I have a 220 double wall oven that we took out when we remodeled the kitchen, I have been saving it to use the burners and electronics for a custom powdercoat oven build. Right now, I would like to hook up the oven temporarily until I get the other oven built. The double oven is an old JenAir and it was hardwired into the house electrical system. I want to put a regular cord with a plug in end on it like a 220 dryer has, so I can plug the oven into a wall socket. I have a 220 wall socket in the shop that I had wired for a welder when I built the shop. The circuit in the shop has two 50 amp breakers hooked together, so I am assuming that is a 100 amp service? I do not know anything about 220 wiring.

    Can I get a regular dryer cord with the correct wall plug and plug the oven into the existing plug in that is going to be used for a welder in the future? I have no intention on using both ovens at one time, I just need an oven that is larger than the desktop oven I am trying to use now.

    Thank you in advance for any help.

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    The circuit you describe is a 240v 50amp circuit, I believe... 50 per leg. not 50 plus 50...
    The oven you have will run no problem on the 50 amp circuit. Buy and install a cord (Lowes/home depot) and plug it right in... no problem.


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      Only problem I see is that the welder circuit most likely will not have a neutral as the welder would have no need for one. The oven controls probably will not function without a neutral wire. Under no circumstances should you use the circuits ground as the neutral.

      A dryer cord will be for a 30A circuit so if your welder circuit was installed with the correct receptacle for a 50A circuit then a dryer cord isn't going to work,

      For reference an older 2 wire with ground dryer will use a 6-30R receptacle and a newer dryer with a 3 wire and ground with a neutral will be a 14-30R. The welder is most likely a 6-50R. None are interchangeable.

      As for the existing, a double pole 50A breaker with a handle tie is a 50A circuit. It's alternating current(AC).
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        Ok, I have looked into what I have. The first photo is the wallplug for the welder.
        The second and third photos are the dryer cord I already have. It is a three wire cord and the oven uses four wires. From what I understand, I wii need a new plug and wiring for the four wires fir the oven, am I correct? The last photo is oven wiring.


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          Here is second photo of dryer cord and oven wiring photo


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            Those pictures are too small to view any detail. If the welder circuit is a 2 wire with ground, which is most likely, then you will need a complete new circuit run as that circuit will not have a neutral. Assuming the oven requires a 3 wire with ground as I believe you state then the dryer cord obviously isn't going to work. Additionally the dryer cord is only going to be rated 30A so that's not appropriate use for an oven needing a 50A circuit.

            If you want this to be a plug and receptacle solution then you need a new 3 wire with ground circuit run from your service panel with a nema 14-50R receptacle and the oven will need a nema 14-50P plug. If the oven is placed somewhere where movement isn't required, then the oven can be wired permanently into the circuit at a junction box mounted on a wall.
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              Thank you for all your help, not sure why the photos attached so small. That is the first time I have had an issue with posting pics in a forum, the welder plug has a total of three wires just like you said, two power and a ground, I wasnt sure if I was going to needed another new circuit or not, but now I know what I need. Thank you again.