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  • Feedback on oven build

    I am in the process of building an oven for powder coating. My plans are to make the inside dimensions 6ft x6ft x 10ft. Some questions I am working through are, insulation and heat source. What are some suggestions for insulation. Standard fiberglass with no backing or mineral wool. The bigger question is heating. I would like to use natural gas. I have some high intensity infrared that would get me 270k btu's I would love to use these but I have no experience using them in this type of application, all I can think of is the parts heating unevenly. If the IR can be used what would be the best positioning of them? Should I still use a fan circulation.? Is this just a stupid idea and stick with electric? The construction and controls I have figured out, basically the heat source is my biggest hold up. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.