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Oven im going to stat building soon.

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  • Oven im going to stat building soon.

    Hi. I am brand new to powder coating and want to start so I can coat stuff on my motorcycle and around my house also I want to start a small business. the oven size I want to build is 4x4x6.5, I did the math and the interior dimentions are about 3.6x3.6x6 so the inside cf should be about 77cf. In my research I learned that you want 100-150 watts per cf. I am planning on putting 3 3000 watt elements in to total up to 9000 watts, will this be sufficient? and how long approximately will that take to heat up? So I need ideas on what to put in the oven.. I am planning on putting a fan, 2-3 lights, and I small door on the big door to look through and to take IR temps. are there more features that would make the oven better?

    So one of my big questions is what do I have to do to the oven to make it up to code in case I want to start a legal pc business? like does it have to have vents? special insulation? certain types of fans or X amout of space around the elements? idk what has to actually happen but those are some of my guesses.

    Right now am looking at about $1200-1300 for the oven but I can go up to about $1500-1600 if need be. I have not started saving for this oven yet so it will be a few months before I start construction anyway.

    So one of my last questions is what type of gun should I start with? I don't want a huge rolley cart run, I want a small cup fed gun. I looked at Eastwoods gun but I feel I would outgrow that really fast, so I want to go slightly bigger and more Pro, I want at lease 50Kv. Also I want to spend about $300-350 max thanks!

    Thank you so much for any help to anyone!!