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  • Cartridge heating elements

    Does anyone have experience using Cartridge heaters as their elements for powder coating oven?

    similar to this;
    Bundle of 12 - 14 1/4" ACROLAB 609BDE 240V-1000W (K08) Cartridge Heaters: Industrial & Scientific

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    Any opinions?


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      Really need more details than the link provides. Are they designed for submersed applications? if so, they won't last long in a dry environment like an oven. There has to be more info on them to help work out whether it's a good idea or not.
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        Not much info on that other link, so I attached the following on Watlow Firerod Cartridge heaters.

        Really appreciate the help!!

        *** Make sure you click on the line that says " Watlow FIREROD Cartrdige Heaters"
        FIREROD Cartridge Heater line from Watlow provides superior heat transfer, uniform temperatures, resistance to oxidation and corrosion.


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          Still too much to sift through... Can you give typical application info and recommendations per Watlow? they have pages and pages of possible part numbers, wattages, lengths and diameters... none tell you whether they are capable of Free-air application... If you send Watlow your request, they will tell you whether this is a good application or not... 12000 watts of heat sounds good in theory for a decent sized oven... but gotta ask the right questions of the manufacturer or seller in this case... My quick read didn't pull up any info that suggests these fire rods are made for free air application... I suspect they are designed with heating liquids in mind... I could be wrong though. Just not as familiar as I'd like to be. If you do come up with more info, please share... I'd like to know too.
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            Explain please what you need help with. I have no experience in using cartridge heaters as their elements for a powder coating furnace. But I can describe to you some technical characteristics that I understand as an HVAC Installer The polymerization furnace is simply necessary for the powder coating process, it is in it that the special paint used in this technology is polymerized. Temperature 180-210 ┬░C. It is built in such a way that it has minimal heat loss, as a result of which it retains the temperature for the maximum time without heating the external walls.
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              I can't tell about the aforementioned cartridge heating elements since the provided Amazon link is not currently available. So I guess you meant the older version of Acrolab cartridge heaters. I've heard about them, but the things were not pleasing. The main complaints were about their rapid wear. The newer ones are fixed, so you can use them. They are a perfect fit powder coating oven. But overall, I won't use this system at all. I prefer modern ways. My heating system is tuned by a well-known mechanical services provider, so I don't need to mess with cartridge heaters.
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                Don't you ignorant troll's have anything better to do than creating new user-ids so you can reply to a 4 year old thread and leave nonsensical remarks. Too bad there aren't any administrators left here to delete this nonsense.

                "They are a perfect fit powder coating oven. But overall, I won't use this system at all. I prefer modern ways" At minimum, learn how to compose a decent English sentence!!
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