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silicone sealer contamination

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  • silicone sealer contamination

    Good evening,

    I found this article as I was browsing the web. I'm also building an oven and now struggling about using any type sealer at this point. Please advise...

    Thank you,


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    I read the article you reference and imo he has some mis-statements. I've used the Rutland hi-temp sealant on my oven and never had crater problems that he references. A sealant is typically tube based so using it isn't going to subject the oven or any nearby objects to airborne silicone particles. While common sense tells you to be cautious using a silicone product in your shop, hi-temp sealers if used as designed and with normal care shouldn't be a problem.

    I also take issue with his reference to WD40 as being a significant source of cratering problems. This is nonsense and a reference that keeps getting repeated over and over as fact. I've done tests with WD40, blasted a Bud aluminum bottle, sprayed it down with WD40, let it sit for minutes, wiped dry with a rag, applied powder and finally oven cured. Guess what, not one crater or other obvious surface defect! While I'm not suggesting that WD40 should be used as a cleaner or pre-treatment I am convinced that it's mere presence in a shop does not lead to surface defects in coatings. If you don't believe me do a simple test yourself.
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      Thank you for your response. I'm about ready to start skinning the inside of my oven and I decided that I will use the sealer on my oven build as well. This is the one that I found a good deal on .

      Sil Bond 6500 100% RTV Silicone Sealant/Adhesive - Red High Temp