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Wiring PID to Inkbird IDT-ER2H Timer Help.

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  • Wiring PID to Inkbird IDT-ER2H Timer Help.

    Hello all! I had just started wiring my control box. The PID controller wiring is pretty straight forward itself ( ). I am just a bit confused about wiring in the timer. This is the timer i have ( ).

    When this timer is wired how exactly does it function? Can it be set to activate when say the oven reaches temperature and the timer starts?

    *edit* I am using 220v 40amp 3 wire with ground. Also is a fan and single light if it matters.
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    After more and more digging I came across this post.

    The b2e timer is set up exactly the same ... with the exact same instruction manual as the inkbird IDT-E2RH timer.

    Hope this helps anyone out who had the same issue I did.