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My Kerosene/diesel fired oven build (budget build with costs so far thrown in)

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  • My Kerosene/diesel fired oven build (budget build with costs so far thrown in)

    HI all... new to forum and this is my first post lol, im assuming this is the correct place for oven build threads as its the link i clicked to but ive just joined the forum so bear with me if not ​ (not a forum noob so dont worry about that haha)

    was doing alot of recovery but every man and his dog is now doing it so im taking a step back to build on the garage as ive got a 3400sqft unit here thats not getting much use!.. so im gonna start doing the automotive flocking again (used to do alot) and have decided i want to get into powder coating too! been doing alot of research thus far and this forum seems an awesome place for info so cheers for that :y: ill no doubt be picking your brains on stuff before long i have done alot of reading and pretty much know which direction im going but we all could do with a little help sometimes.. ill also appreciate any criticism/points to note you think may help me and if you think ive made a bad choice anywhere please do post up but obv put the reasons for this too!

    anyway.. this is my first oven build and ive decided after lots of reading etc im gonna use a kerosene burner on it... i wanted electric and then propane.. but for the electrical side of it am not 100% confident in spec'ing up the wiring system etc for the amount of elements ill need for the size oven im making.. so i then though propane!.. its cheap and easy but seems theres no easy way to keep the oven up to temp with them as they knock off once up to temp but refiring them without manual input (switching it on and holding the ignition etc isnt gonna be easy.. i know some ppl go to electric ignition and solenoid valves etc but again this goes back to my confidence in wiring etc.. i do have a fair but knowledge and experience but i dont want to over complicate things onmy first build....i also have a large space heater here that i could use that is diesel so i thought id use that as its then free lol. It was my initial plan to use this when i first decided but i read a few posts about it being a bad idea as it doesnt burn (as) clean and that this can affect the coating... but after doing lots more research it seems lots of ppl use these burners and most of the large commercial systems run on them aswel.. so that sealed it for me. The heater ive got is pretty big and already has electric ignition so its gonna be alot easier for me to run from the PID and SSR as thats the route of chosen for switching.
    sorry for the story but thought i may aswel get as much info into it as poss so you know where im going/why and so you know im not some other mong thats come here to leach info without putting any work in on their own (like most forums lol).

    The oven it self:
    internal measurements as follows

    the frame for the oven ive made from some old industrial racking that i had lying out side the unit the last 2 years, i got it free and knew it would come in handy and it eventually has! so no cost there, i made it as wide as the longest lengths i had as there was only 4 of these, as tall as the longest shorter lenghts i had, and stuck to as close as 1m deep as i could for easy of sheeting it up with steel since this is one of the most common widths
    ill be using galv sheet steel as thats what i could find at a good price, guy sold me 15 sheets of 2x1m in 1.5mm for £300 and its all brand new so i was happy enough with that! ill be skinning it inside and out and using rockwool or the likes to insulate it. on a note of the rockwool/fibreglass insulation.. does anyone know what temps thats safe too? as id like to do ceramic coating maybe later if its up to the task? will be using pop rivets and high temp sealant to skin it up as seems the quickest easiest way.. i know galv steel is a nightmare to weld (ill be letting it run up to temp a few times and well beyond before coating as i know galv likes to leach a bit of horrible **** out when it gets hot the first few times)

    For the doors itll be box section twin skinned and insulated also... and ill be putting 1x glass house oven "flip down" door in each door for ease of checking temps and inspecting the parts etc from a couple scrap ovens that im gonna nab from somewhere lol. so theyll be free also.... as for seals for the doors.. any reccomendations of what and where from?> seems to be very expensive for not alot on ebay etc? i know theres a link section on here with some products ive not yet read so will be looking in there later but if anyone has any other please post up.
    for the heat itsel ill be ducting the air into the oven with flexi pipe and am going to try and split it off into left and right across the bottom of the oven from the lower middle of the rear panel to help even out the heat... ive been looking into convection fans but not sure whether or not to bother? would anyone reccomend it? as wont be expensive or hard to fit and wire into the sytem.

    now the essay is out the way heres a few pics of what ive done and bought so far, frame is up.
    pics be up soon... photo bucket is being gheyy

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    Here is the frame ive built up so far, as you can see its going to have a slide out meshed "roof tray" im going to build a trolley and will slide into the ends of the tray and pull it out the oven so it can be wheeled into the spray booth for coating them wheeled out into the oven


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      few snips of what ive bought on ebay this morning to get me going, eventually bought myself a cheap riveter as i have an excuse to need one now hahaha. I need to grab some insulation this week too, went with the inkbird pid as ive seen a few on here using them so getting a bit help setting it up shouldnt be too hard if a few of your are already using it and i struggle with the controls


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        This is the Galv steel ive got.. and the burner that will be ducted into the oven to keep the flames/high heat away from the oven for safety reasons. it looks old but its actually pretty much brand new, its just been sat under my bench and had various things spilled on it collecting dust and over spray for the last few years lol. ive not worked out the BTU's on it but it should be more then up to the task, it doesnt blow hugely as a fan `and should be a fair way away from the opening into the oven so shouldnt blow the poweder off


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          So Far... An interesting layout on the build. I have a local coater friend who uses a similarly shaped oven... I recommend you put your door on one of the ends, not across the long side, in order to reduce heat loss when opening the door. Build a track system into the roof as you build, to give you the ability to hang things even in the farthest reaches of the oven... you'll thank me later when you figure out why... it's experience based for sure. May also want to put a couple of rails in the floor to help guide a cart into the darkness... nothing huge, just SOMETHING.

          On the construction... Skip the rivets and use self drilling screws. You will one day need to access something inside the skin and wish for screws. They hold on/up very well to the constant heat cycles... Rockwool or mineral wool is pretty good for the oven... Look into Unbacked Fiberglass as well (The yellow stuff is what they use in other ovens most times... Pink stuff not so much) the backing can be removed from any cheaper version if that's all you can source. Galvanized is great... 1.5 mm seems pretty heavy thick. Won't hurt, but may take some time to get the oven to temp... That's close to 14 gauge Steel... THICK stuff. But great as well. It will help hold temp when opening the door as well... but again, will cost more to get to temp.


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            Cheers for the input SCOTTRODS, my initial thought was to use tec screws as you mention but wasnt sure how well theyd cope with the constant heat cylces especially being it can be quite cold in my unit in the winter, its good to know they do infact hold up well so they may get used on the bigger one when i out grow this oven lol! im not integrating anything into the walls so with any luck ill not have to remove any panels in a hurry (fingers crossed) as ive already got the rivets ive went with them to keep costs down
            i see your point on the side load and this was a worry of mine but due to space and shape it would need a large area when you double up the size of it to get trolley into the oven, this is why im gonna put a small house hold oven door in one of the front doors for checking temps and so on to keep as much residual heat as poss inside. ive had to make it on legs so it can be easily moved as its gonna be heavy as F*CK when its done.. the loading trolley will also slide under on castors (will be easier to see once done)

            managed to get a few more hours on it today as been mega busy (working and building the spray booth behind the ovens in the pics ) its now twin skinned floor sides and roof and insulated, ive got the back on and just need to do the inner skin on that next with insualtion of course. ive also decided to go propane with my original plans as ive done some more digging and found some parts that should make it work (y)

            few pics of todays work


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              also managed to score this big electric oven today for £150 being fast and cheeky on ebay lol. absolute steal and should help me get going faster.. ideal for the smaller stuff and should be able to get at least 2 wheels at a time inside as its 3 foot deep, 2ft4 tall and 2ft wide as a min with a quick measure inside. very happy about this as we all know good ovens arent easy or cheap to find!

              looking forward to getting a machine ordered and cracking on, looking for reccomendations for buying acid/methylene chloride in large amounts in UK> hard to get these days and very expensive it seems


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                another little update, managed to spot these on ebay on monday from a guy in birmingham whos closed shop,after a few messages managed to talk him into a deal of £400 for all the paints, hardeners, high temp fillers, thinners, lacquers, primers and most importantly the 17x 5kg boxes of powder coat! was over the moon and agreed to collect today (440mile round trip for me but worth it for the money) he then said hed throw in a load of mixing cups, tack rags and other bits and bobs, and when i got there he decided to sell me the 90 degree grinder/polisher and the die grinder, 6/7 full packs of sand paper, about 10 packs of discs for the 90 degree, some scotch pads and a load of strainers for an extra £70. absolutely over the moon with it considering how much it would all cost me to amass.

                have also managed to find a local supplier for wheel stripper albeit it at eye watering prices, after alot of research seems the best thing to use is a meth chloride and hydoflouric acid mix. if anyone has any input on decent wheel stripper or other things please do pipe up.. just adding it all on here incase itll help anyone in future as ive spent a serious anount of time lately trawling info alot of bad with good as is the norm lol. company whos going to be supplying me is called "brentag" and is very local. (north east) price i think was £320 + vat for a 205 litre drum which i hope willl last me a while


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                  starting to feel like im getting somewhere with my setup now! have built a large blast cabinet which is bigger then my large oven will be ( figure even it i cant p/coat it i can spray it as ive got a large spray booth anyway) internal measurements on it are 2.4m wide, 1.6m tall and 1m deep, have ordered 2x sets of glove holder and gloves one pair for each door and once ive got those fitted i can add the plexi glass windows to it ( dont want to add then till ive got the glove holders in place incase i balls it up haha.
                  have got that now set up next to my smaller cabinet now and that will do me fine till i go large scale and make a big room.


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                    alongside knocking the above up, i also got a new 3 ph link put in for the "small" oven and got that wired in today and fired up, it gets up to 200c in about 3 mins so thats pretty awesome.. think i may need to add a baffle plate to it as its a fan oven and ive got a feeling the power of the fans may blow the powder off so we'll have to see how that goes!

                    i also managed to find a uk supplier for some good wheel stripper, pretty sure its the equivilant to benco, basically meth chloride & hydroflouric acid, that also randomly turned up today and was very expensive (£480 a drum delivered) but its here so im happy, also made a start on the dipping station today, have two large 45 gallon steel drums which are going to be the rinse tanks. and im getting two more of the blue plastic tanks which have the same removable sealable lids which will be the dipping tanks (these will do me for now as ill be moslty be doing wheels & parts to begin with) still got lights and extraction to fit to that and a small electric hoist on a rail will be added to lift the wheels/parts in out and slide along to the rinse on a rail as this seems to be a much safer/easier way to keep my hands away from that nasty sh*t in the tank lol
                    very happy so far hoping to be coating next week


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                      That's some pretty quick time to temp... 3 minutes to 200C is fast. You will be surprised at how much air flow the powder can take, but my thinking would be to turn the fans off until the powder gets melted and starts looking wet... Baffles are a good idea as well... but slowing the flow is how I'd do it.



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                        yeah its surprised me lol, i cant mate its a fan oven it has a section for convection which ive got turned off but it seems the oven works via elements that are wrapped around avery large fan drum and the fan sucks the heat off them and blows it into the oven unit, its quite a lot of airflow so i think itll be a problem.. plan is to put a large baffle plate infront of the fan so the air is forced to go around it and i can put the parts behind the baffle, ill just have to monitor the temps and see how it goes, will try a test part to see if the powder blows off but my guess will be it will be distubred


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                          blast cabinet is now finished and set up with the extractor i scored on ebay for £67 designed to run with the cabinets and its man enough for the big cabinet too! can swap the hose between the two got all pipes etc all set up as well.
                          have been having a bit bother with the blast pot but looking online it seems to be the valve at the bottom that controls the media so ill have another bash at that tomorrow.
                          hopefully get the dipping tanks/bay finished tomorrow and we're all systems go


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                            never got anything done on the dipping as been let down yet again for barrels so im ditching the barrels for now, did get the blaster sorted, sourced some alumium oxide and had a bit play with the valve on the bottom and its sorted now. blasted a set of VXR calipers for a mate so he can hydro dip them.


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                              more done on the dipping station.. after much back and forth and searching have decided to use the large mortal tubs that get delivered to building sites as dip and rinse tanks, got one today and hopefully a mate is gonna score me some more tomorrow lol.
                              so i prep a chucked a light in there, sorted an electric hoist out and make up a sliding track gantry so i can lift the wheels out leave them to drip off, then slide them along and lower them into the rinse tank.
                              all pretty much sorted. will add an extractor fan to pull out the nasty fume then its about as user friendly as can be!