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  • Wiring help

    I having trouble finding the right diagrams for the setup I'm wanting to use. Run down of what I have: my power source is 240 2 wire with ground PID is auber syl-2342, ink bird timer, 2 pole contactor, sw12 style switch for turning system on, high temperature buzzer and buzzer for timer. I've seen lots of diagrams using ssr, but 8m using the contactor. My question is how the contactor is wired in place of a ssr?
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    Your circuit doesn't include a neutral so you need to be specific about a couple of your components. First does the contractor have a 240 volt coil? Also the buzzers, are they 120 or 240 volt devices. Basically you have two choices, either replace the circuit with a 3 wire with ground, or use only components manufactured for 240 volt use.

    There are also many ways of incorporating a timer, so you need to give that some consideration.

    Answers these questions and I can furnish you a wiring diagram.


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      Thanks for the reply. My contactor is 240 and the buzzers are 120.


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        The contactor is fine, but you don't have a neutral to run the buzzers off 120VAC so we're back to either running a new circuit or finding buzzers that work on 240V


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          I could run a 3 wire with a ground. I was just trying to utilize my 220 plug for my welder. I dont mind running a new circuit.


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            This wiring diagram should be close to what you need. I believe the B2E timer is the same as the InkBird. The only change is that your contactor has a 240V coil so instead of a neutral wire(gray) run a second hot(red) to that side of the contactor. Auber 2342 with Sestos B2E timer always on.pdf


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              Awesome thank very much. I really appriciate the help.


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                Originally posted by Gebauer View Post
                I could run a 3 wire with a ground. I was just trying to utilize my 220 plug for my welder. I dont mind running a new circuit.
                Make an adapter for your welder... Basically an extension cord with the correct ends on it... doesn't have to be long either (and I recommend a short one actually...).

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