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Finally finished my control panel :)

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  • Finally finished my control panel :)

    Hi all,
    I thought I'd share some pictures of the control panel fitted to my smaller electric oven which we commissioned today, this design is also replicated for my large oven (with a burner switch instead of electric heater on/off identification) which is currently being built (some pictures will be uploaded next week).
    Its been a very long road in getting this design finalised with hours of 'forum searching', 'youtubing', 'ebaying' but I think, its been well worth it in the end!!
    Oh, I can't post without saying a VERY big thank you to Mark at Leominster Powder Coating, UK for his help in some of the components I ended up with and Jon Davies who's been with me for most of my 'ideas and design changes' road to the final product
    The final look!!
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    As I can only upload 2 pictures here's the inside of the cabinet